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Llyn y Gadair

Llyn y Gadair and Cyfrwy

Llyn y Gadair (Roughly translated as Lake of the Chair) is a stunning glacial lake in the foothills of Cader Idris under the craggy peak of Cyfrwy. It is located just off the Fox’s Path, which is a route now discouraged due to its treacherous scree slope between the lake and the summit. However, the route from the lake down to Cader Road is manageable.

The easiest and safest route is to park at the Tŷ Nant car park (about three miles from Dolgellau on Cader Road). Follow the Pony Path and turn left at the low marker post which points to the lake (keep a keen lookout for this marker as it’s easily missed). Follow this track over a great boulder field to the lake and then return down the remainder of Fox’s Path, past Llyn Gafr (Goat Lake) to the Gwernan Lake Hotel (and Gwernan Lake), that way you get three lakes in one.

You can also turn RIGHT when you get to the hotel and follow the sign after the lake and return BEHIND Gwernan Lake which gives access to the water’s edge and views of Cader Idris over the lake.

11 acres
1,837 feet
Difficult Access