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Pirate Radio Wales

Pirate Radio Wales

Pirate Radio Wales is an independent commercial radio station, owned by Murgatroyd Broadcast Engineering Limited. Although the name ‘Pirate’ Radio Wales has a slightly naughty feel to it, the station is in fact fully-licensed with both the PRS and PPL licensing authority.

PRW has been up and running for over 2 years and is growing rapidly. We broadcast across the whole of the UK, plus 40 other countries and we have in excess of a hundred thousand listeners. We are available free of charge to download on iOS devices, android devices and Alexa. We broadcast 7 days a week.

Primarily a rock music station, we also encompass other genres of music spanning the last 70 years and we are excited to announce our classical channel which will be up and running very soon. In addition to these we have a hard talking channel, providing a platform for interviews, podcasts and generally any topics of interest.

Our growing team of broadcasters are happy for listeners to e-mail or text us with requests, chat to us live on air, and get involved with some of our projects.