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Remade Guitars

Repair, Setup, Service, Modification & Custom Build
Everything to keep your guitar playing and sounding great.

Hands on practical courses in small groups or individually on all manner of things like how to set up your own guitar, building a lap steel or cigar box guitar or making your band sound great live.

PA & Sound Reinforcement For Small Venues
From a rechargeable busking setup to everything you need (including an engineer) to make your gig or party heard the way you want it to be.

Quirky Stuff & Merch
A table lamp made from an old video camera? No problem,
A table made from an old guitar body? Of course.
A rechargeable blue tooth speaker build from a vintage radio? Obviously!
Plus a range of T-Shirts exclusive to us fulfilled via Teemill


Remade Guitars
Remade Guitars