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St. Mary’s Well (Ffynnon Fair)

St. Mary's Well (Ffynnon Fair) in 2008

This well was once the main water supply for Dolgellau. The stonework dates from the early Victorian period and repairs were made in 1850, but once an alternative water supply was found it became unused and fell into disrepair by the end of the nineteenth century.

The Royal Commission made a visit in 1913. They noted the age of the structure but not its condition. They commented that:

“This is doubtless the well that was associated with the parish church. The name of the well is remembered but no traditions of healing or of the popular resort to it appear to have survived”.

In the 1690s, the Welsh naturalist, botanist, geographer and antiquary, Edward Lhuyd noted that “several coins were found in the neighbourhood of the well, of which two were in his possession”.

There are several short footpaths in the wood where this well is located, one of which runs past it.